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Will Branding My Social Media Help Increase Followers?

Recently I received a text that read "should I spend money to get professional branding for my social media?"

I called that texter and ask "what's up and why are you asking?"

She said her social media was not increasing in followers or engagement, so she was thinking about spending money on branding and messaging.

I took a look at her social channels. It was full of nice quotes, info directed at people to buy her services, occasional pictures of her at functions, weekly "read my blog" ... but no real social interaction and she wasn't being social herself. She was using her social platforms to really just promote herself. No amount of branding will change her results or more cutesy quotes and pictures (that you can find others posting), will change that.

I like to have those that ask the above question, discover the answer. They will absorb it and "get it" quicker.

"Go look at Maria Forleo's Instagram account feed. Tell me if it looks "branded". Tell me what stands out about her feed.

"Go look at Amy Porterfield's Instagram account feed. Tell me if it looks "branded". She has quotes. What stands out about her quote posts? Which posts get the most likes and engagement?

"Go look at Sophia Amoruso's Instagram account feed. Tell me if it looks "branded". Who is her demographic identification? How does she "meaningfully connect"?

What if your instagram isn't about you? Let's talk mattresses. Who cares about following a mattress instagram account? Check out Leesa Sleep's Instagram account feed. This is a branded account. Branded with real people using mattresses ... pillow fights, babies, dogs, eating donuts. This works. Why do you think it works?

If you don't have a creative bone in your body in any way ... yes, spend money on branding but it won't change 'socializing or engagement or sharing'.

I told her to think about the following:

1. Are you uncomfortably open and honest?

2. Do you seek a win-win or is just about you?

3. Do you know the demographic identification of your audience?

4. Do you know the characteristics of your demographic identification?

5. Storytelling is key. You have a story. Your clients have a story. Your products have a story. Where's your story come in?

6. Is your business supporting a social responsibility initiative or any kind of 'give back'? This shouldn't be a "jump on the bandwagon" thing. However, if you 'give back' in any way, this needs to be part of your story.

7. Do you know the most meaningful ways to connect?

Connection and dialogue is important and should be embraced. A clever line on a quote may get you a lot of likes, but make sure that 'quote with your branding' initiates engagement. Conversations are everything. They create relationships.

If you don't know all of the above, I suggest you at least grab my DIY Communication Strategy.

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