I am more of a visionary creative than the actual creative who puts out the work!  I know just enough Adobe Creative Suite to be a hack.  Thankful for Youtube videos.  When you start an entrepreneurial endeavor, there are skill sets you must take on because the cash just isn't there to pay the most talented!   


When I started Nosey Parker, I knew exactly what I wanted her to look like.  She went through many renditions before her final look.  I hired an agency that  gave her all kinds of looks and charged me for original illustrations. Once I dug into the illustrator files myself, I learned that her body had been purchased with the clothes from a stock illustration company, then her head, which I created, slapped on the top of the purchased illustration.

After that 'never again' moment, I did all the Nosey Parker artwork myself.  Below are my own "Nosey Parker Works of Art", that were used in her guidebook,  client ads and magazine article inserts.

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