Tapping into the zeitgeist of online communication, I have been absorbing, digesting and regurgitating online strategy for more than 25 years.

I started my career with a degree in Information Technology and moved into a systems engineer consultant position with EDS at Enron in Houston.  The best absorbing and digesting came from going through the EDS Systems Engineering program, which was a grueling exercise in learning fast, understanding even quicker and putting out code that actually did something everyday for 13 weeks. I learned to really listen and have a client first mentality.

Over the years following my time at EDS, I kept up with the changing online scene, working with startups, agencies and developing my own platforms.  However, the most requested skill has always been that I don't have a "shiny object" mentality and know how to make an effective strategy for any kind of business.


I'm adamant about "fit".  Not everyone requesting my services is a fit.  I can't make you famous in six months (unless your lucky with a viral video, which is rare). I can, however, give you a well researched strategy to implement, track it's progress and watch your success grow.

Your success makes me so happy! One of my gifts is supporting others and I'm good at it!

So, if what I do appeals to you and is desperately needed, check out my services here.

Margaret Anne Croom

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